What is Safety Seal Certifcation Program?

Safety Seal Certification Program is an IATF response to assure the public of establishments’ compliance with minimum public health standards and encourage the adaption of digital contact tracing application such as the StaySafe.ph and BinD360. (IATF Resolution No. 87 S. 2020)
  • Must be displayed conspicuously at all entrance points.
  • Free, at no cost to the establishment.
  • Valid for six (6) months, except in the case of tourism enterprises where the seal is valid for one (1) year, renewable.

Can establishments still be allowed to operate even without a Safety Seal?

Safety Seal is only voluntary.
However, establishments still need to comply with MPHS and allowable operational capacity for continued operation.


    Applicant secures checklist and performs self-assessment based on the applicable checklist.
    Applicant must fill out the Google Form for application of Safety Seal Certificate.
    Issuing authority contacts applicant for inspection schedule.
    Issuing authority conducts inspection.
    If COMPLIANT, issuing authority provides SEAL to applicant.
    If there are deficiencies, applicant must implement CORRECTIVE ACTION and apply for reassessment


1 Valid Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit 9 Installed physical barriers in enclosed areas to maintain social distancing
2 Use of StaySafe.ph (or another CT Tool - BinD360) 10 Availability of personnel-in-charge for monitoring and maintaining social distancing, and ensuring compliance to health protocols
3 Availability of temperature or thermal scanner 11 Availability of windows for adequate air exchange
4 Availability of health declaration sheet 12 Compliance to the disinfection protocol
5 QR Codes for StaySafe.ph (or other CT Tool) are conspicuously placed 13 Conduct of regular (at least twice a week) cleaning and disinfection
6 Availability of isolation area 14 Personnel, employees, clients and visitors always wear facemasks and face shield especially in enclosed places
7 BHERTs and other COVID-19 Emergency hotlines are conspicuously displayed 15 Presence of designated Safety Officer
8 Availability of handwashing stations (soap, sanitizers, and hand drying equipment) 16 Availability of storage facility for proper collection, treatment, and disposal of used facemasks and other infectious wastes


No Safety Seal shall be awarded to a private establishment without a valid business permit.
LGU shall have the right to order the suspension of operations of establishments with violation of minimum health standards, until corrective actions have been implemented.
For inquiries or non-compliance of business establishments, you may contact Business Permit and Licensing Office at:
INTELCO - (049) 513 5084 | (049) 513 5085
PLDT - (049) 523 5481