Batangas Medical Center Accredits HAPI Card

Congratulations CPA Board Passers!
June 1, 2017
Proclamation no. 222
June 2, 2017

City Mayor Arman with his wife, Mrs. Lourdes, on Friday signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) at Batangas Medical Center, making it the 4th hospital for the HAPI Card accreditation of the Biñanense. Biñan Doctors, Perpetual Help Hospital and Ospital ng Biñan are the first three to credit the benefits of it. They also considered the hospice of the patient’s relatives, so they are looking for possible places for them to stay at temporarily. Extending the advantages of the HAPI Card to those admitted at Philippine General Hospital (PGH) is currently in contemplation. Chief of Clinic, Dra. Maritess Torio, Financial and Management Officer II, Ms. Josie Manalo, Legal Officer, Atty. Jenn Zaraspe, Acct. IV, Ms. Carmina Castillo, MSS Chief of Section, Ms. Gangonia Javier, Rn, and SWO II, Cecilia Arroyo were also present as part of the signing.more photos