The leadership of the City Biñan is committed to exercise its mandate to:
        • Promote social order and ensure public safety;
        • Enhance economic prosperity through job generation, manpower and skills development, encourage and support local industries and its expansion;
        • Guarantee social justice by way of ensuring basic services and equal opportunities;
        • Deliver accessible and quality healthcare services;
        • Protect and maximize the utilization of environment and natural resources towards the attainment of a disaster-resilient community;
        • Ensure access to free and quality education to prepare our youth to be globally competitive;
        • Support gender sensitivity, responsiveness and equality;
        • Provide modern and needed infrastructure facilities;
        • Preserve, conserve and nurture its cultural, historical and artistic heritage toward sustainable tourism; and
        • Increase collection efficiency through reasonable taxes, fees and charges, and ensure sound fiscal management.


          A modern and developed City where its responsible people are proud of their cultural, historical and artistic heritage; enjoy peace and security, economic stability, social justice, preserved environment, accessible quality education, responsive social services, well-planned infrastructure facilities all anchored on good governance thus making the City of Biñan as the Premiere Heritage and Trade Capital of the South, the best place to live, work and visit.