Trading Center

Biñan City has been popularly recognized as the trading center area immediately south of Metro Manila. The city has the largest public market in the province of Laguna, and in the CALABARZON Region. Retailers from nearby towns often plow the city proper to purchase goods and merchandise intended to be sold elsewhere. Biñan City has also been the center of commerce in the region because of the numerous banking institutions across the city, plus the ever-growing number of commercial establishments and emerging shopping centers.

Cottage Industry

The creation of products and services are home-based, rather than factory-based. While products and services created by cottage industry are often unique and distinctive given the fact that they are usually not mass-produced, producers in this sector often face numerous disadvantages when trying to compete with much larger factory-based companies.

Tourism Development

It involves broadening the ownership base such that more people benefit from the tourism industry, skills development, job and wealth creation and ensuring the geographic spread of the industry throughout the city. It is also about construction of resorts and private pools, convention centers, hotels, eco-tourism facilities, historic or cultural heritage projects and other leisure and tourist attractions that will promote the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city.


Providing assistance to the crop producers with the help of various agricultural resources. Providing protection, assisting in the research sphere, employing latest techniques, controlling pests and facilitating diversity all fall within the purview of agriculture development. Agri-based and agri-related business which include but not limited to high value crop production, rice production, post-harvest facilities, storage facilities, marketing and packaging service facilities.

Commercial and Leisure Centers

Shopping malls, supermalls, department stores, supermarkets and activity areas.