May 19, 2017
1st Serbisyong Arman Mega Job Fair
May 20, 2017

For honoring outstanding companies and organizations in the City of Biñan, the first city of life awards was held at the Biñan People’s Center last May 20, 2017. The arrival of the guests was accompanied by the sound of Biñan Kawayan Music Ensemble, followed by the performance of The Opera during dinner. Biñan Metropolitan Chorus led the crowd in Doxology, National Anthem, and Biñan Hymn. Vice Mayor Gel expressed a warm welcoming address, followed by Congresswoman Len to deliver a special message for the guests. Mayor Arman was there to lead the awardees in the Statement of Commitment and to give them his thanks. The awards given were Outstanding Business Tax Payers, Outstanding PWD- Friendly Company, Outstanding Companies/ Organizations for Biñan Community Development, Outstanding Companies Employing Biñanenses, Companies/ Organizations with Outstanding Support, Outstanding Projects for Biñan Conducted by a Company/ Organization, and Best Performing Barangays. The event ended with a video presentation, The City of Life MTV.more photos